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Maeve Rising Warrior

The Story of Ireland's Greatest Heroine

An Irish girl from 2000 years ago, discovers her abilities and powers through Druids and ancient Fairy-folk, and becomes one of the greatest Irish warriors of all time. She became the warrior queen from Connacht, the western province of Ireland, and much more.  Set in ancient Ireland, a land and time when women’s rights equaled those of men. Irish women were able to own property and held powerful positions within society.  Between defending a culture that should not be forgotten and her struggles and battles with rival kings, warriors and her own family, Maeve sets her own course and grasps her destiny. Can she become High Queen of all Ireland and at what cost? Will she be the greatest heroine and goddess Ireland has ever known, or a tragic figure consumed by her passions and ambitions?

Created by Kevin Corcoran, formerly of ADV Films and Anime Network - with a fabulous ensemble of award winning comic book veterans including: written by Cristiano Seixas – Alien: The Original Screenplay for Dark Horse Comics (Top 100 Comic Book of last quarter of 2020); amazing art by Caio Majado from Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution for Stone Arch Books and the first edition of Big Dog Ink’s Princesses vs. Zombies; coloring by Dinei Ribeiro - Superman, Green Lantern, and Trinity; lettering by Zen - Xenoholics, Zombie Tramp and Michael Turner's Fathom.  

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More About Maeve

I've always loved the story of Maeve. I studied Irish history in college and always liked storytelling. Also, my wife and I raised three daughters and I wanted a story of female empowerment for them. I got an education in storytelling from my time at ADV Films and Anime Network when we brought Japanese storytelling through "Anime" (animated movies and TV shows) and "Manga" (Japanese graphic novel series) to the United States market on DVD, TV and in book stores.
I thought back then that there were a great many Irish stories too which had gone untold. Most are unknown to people outside of Ireland. I wanted to be a part of telling some of these stories. Maeve (Medb - Old Irish spelling, also, Maedb) was the warrior queen of Connacht, the western province of Ireland and  a sovereign goddess. Her name means "intoxicating." She was the most beautiful and powerful woman in ancient Ireland. Daughter to the king of Connacht before he became High King of all Ireland, she had five recognized husbands, many lovers, and ruled for over sixty years. She was skilled in the arts of magic and sorcery and was most likely a female Druid.
The story of Maeve comes from the literature of early Ireland, and is steeped in mystery and myth. She was a woman of her time and may have lived during the period of about 500BC to 100AD. Under the Brehon Laws of ancient Ireland women had equality with men. They had the power to raise their own armies, hold property in their own names, participate in the court system as lawyers and judges, as well as choose their own partners for marriage. Marriage was not a sacred commitment, it was a contract. A couple could marry for whatever period they wished, for life or an afternoon. Maeve required of her husbands: "a man without avarice, without jealousy and without fear."
More than just a story about Maeve, this series is also a story about ancient Ireland, its people and the majesty of Irish Celtic culture during a golden age of history and myth.

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The Main Characters


Maeve is inspired by Queen Maeve of Ireland, a Warrior Queen and Goddess in the Gaelic mythology. She is said to have lived anywhere between 500BC and 100 AD in late Bronze or Iron Age Ireland. The daughter of King Eochaid Feidlech of Connacht, Maeve is a strong, determined and arrogant teenager learning to be a warrior and leader. She is determined and fearless. We meet her at a time when her heroic exploits, written of so well in ancient Irish lore, have yet to occur.

As a young woman she is concerned now with helping defend her kingdom and its culture, but also what her heart believes its right.
As a young woman just coming of age, she still doesn't know how strong she is and her magical powers are close to non-existent. She comes to embody female empowerment, leadership, sexuality and raw power.
We get to see her first steps toward an unknown future and the rise of a warrior. 

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Who We Are

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Cristiano Seixas


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Caio Majado


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Dinei Ribeiro


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Kevin Corcoran 


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